Angling FAQs

The time we rise each morning will be discussed the evening before and will greatly depend on what we will be after that day. Whatever the time decided on, we will wake you with a cup of steaming hot coffee! Breakfast is per your preference: Breakfast cereals and/or bacon, sausage and eggs. Fruit juice, coffee or tea, just as you prefer. The evening meal is our main meal for the day. We will sit around the bar and fire (engaging in the day’s bragging session) until the cook gives us a dirty look. Evening meals are accompanied by a range of great South African wines. Pieter Stofberg grew up in the wine producing Western Cape in South Africa and still has many friends down there. After dinner, a few cocktails around the fire tends to end the day on a high note.
Our fishing taxidermist has molds for most of the species we will be fishing for, in various weights and sizes. It becomes pretty easy to order a trophy mount from him for whatever it is you want to display. Costs for this (taxidermy work and shipping) will be for your account.
No – come as you are! We will supply all gear, bait, etc. that might be needed.
We have several species of edible fish, as well as several species of shark. Access our Specie Info page for more detailed information on each specie. Mainly, come prepared for some SERIOUS fun!
We make very sure that everybody enjoy themselves. Shopping trips are available. Short, local sightseeing trips can be arranged. We also have a full menu of sightseeing excursions around Namibia available through our touring company.