African Days Angling Expeditions brings you to the world-renowned Skeleton Coast in western Namibia. The section of 300-plus miles of coastline that we use is a fisherman’s paradise. Set between the cold South Atlantic Ocean and the caramel-colored sands of the immense Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast offers the exhilarating experience of shoreline fishing, pole in hand and knee deep in the surf. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of taking on a backbreaking battle with a shark, or maybe you’d rather angle for some of the tamer species of edible fish. Namibia’s Skeleton Coast offers it all. Thousands of fish are drawn to these plankton-rich seas, making hauling in a catch an absolute certainty. The area’s most common species of edible fish are kabeljou (cob), steenbras and galjoen (gallion). The most common shark species are bronze whaler and spotted shark.

If fresh water fishing is your gig, then earn your bragging rights by fighting and landing a fierce tiger fish or the perhaps the more familiar bass on angling tours through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Some of the freshwater species you will be angling for are nembwe, three-spot tilapia, thin-faced largemouth, sharp-tooth and blunt-tooth catfish, African pike, greenhead tilapia and purple-face largemouth tilapia.

But be warned, it’s not only the fish that’ll get hooked, once you’ve fished southern Africa with African Days, you’ll want to do it again and again.