Both South Africa and Namibia have stable, and democratically minded, governments. The people are friendly and, everywhere you go, you will be met with a smile. Of course, we have our problems with crime, just like anywhere you go on this planet, but it is “normal” crime and not the politically inspired incidences that are so frequent elsewhere in Africa. The very fact that so few people even know much about the area should tell the prospective traveller something. So much of the publicity Africa gets is negative, dealing with political upheaval, crime, etc. that Southern Africa actually shines by comparison. We do not get publicity, simply because we do not experience that kind of problem!

Southern Africa has an excellent infrastructure. The airports are modern and efficiently run, and the staff there are all very “visitor friendly”. You will be met at the airport by your outfitter and will be delivered back there, safe and sound. Most visitors will require no other travel document than their passport. There are no visa requirements for visitors from the USA. The documentation that is required is handled in more detail under our Members Information page. The roads are in excellent repair and travel around the area is no problem. Most travel is by road. Just keep in mind that Southern Africa is a vast area (the countries will cover the entire Eastern Seaboard of the USA) so travel takes up a lot of time. The countryside is spectacular, though, so you are not likely to get bored.

As all of our pricing INCLUDE your international airfare, we will take care of all arrangements for you. Even your local air travel!! Our travel agents are efficient and very knowledgeable about travel requirements for Southern Africa - so you can relax and leave it all to us!!

Two ways. One is obviously word of mouth. Talk to people who have toured or hunted with us and get their feel on the quality of the trip on offer. Second – Meet with us and decide for yourself. There is no substitute for your own judgment.

No, we don’t. Basically, your arrival/departure days are included in the inclusive package price created for you.

We have excellent private hospitals in the country. We carry emergency insurance, which will ensure that you can be airlifted to hospital, should it become necessary. What you could do is to take out some insurance yourself, should it happen that you need a medical flight back home.

Feel free to call and inquire with any of our booking agents with additional questions you may have. We will be happy to answer. In addition, after you book a trip, you will be provided access to a Members Only web site to provide you more details on planning and preparing so the trip of your dreams goes smoothly.

None. If you are visiting the North of the country, say anywhere above Etosha Game Reserve and in the vicinity of Kruger National Parkk, it is advisable to see your doctor about malaria prophylactics and to start a course about two weeks before your arrival date.

Yes, paradise has its serpents! The incidence of snakebite is so low, though, that to worry about it is to worry too much. Always remember, snakes are more scared of humans than humans are scared of snakes. In any unforced encounter, the snake will get out of your way so fast, you will probably never even know it was there! Insects also don’t present much of a problem. We have some trophy sized scorpions, but a general awareness will be enough to ensure you have no nasty surprises.

When we finalize your booking and have set final dates for your trip, a specific payment schedule will be included.
All payments will be by either credit card or electronic transfer.

As a rule, deposits are non-refundable, but is movable and transferable. If, for some reason, your trip cannot take place on the dates booked, we will allow you to rebook new dates and your deposit will become applicable to those dates. You are also free to transfer your deposit to replacement clients. Should you wish to completely cancel your booking, it is your responsibility to obtain trip insurance to cover this eventuality. Such insurance should be obtained as soon as possible after starting the booking process.

All guides are required to pass a government sponsored qualification process and apprenticeship. This ensures that your guide will be well versed and will be able to take care of you!!

Although most guides will have books available, it is strongly suggested that you invest in books for yourself. Copies of a) A Field Guide to Birds of Southern Africa and b) A Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa are readily available from Amazon.

Neutral colored clothing (faded green, brown or khaki) is best. Shirts should be medium to heavy weight 100% cotton. Make sure you have a pair of well broken in, ankle height boots. (No Goretex!! – leather and canvas boots.) A broad - rimmed hat to protect your neck and ears from the sun is essential. Warm jackets for the early morning and late evening will be needed.

Make sure everybody has a pair of binoculars and a camera!!

Yes – all camps have electricity. (On Adventure tours this might be unavailable, so invest in some extra batteries!)

Our power supply is 22volt. Most cameras, computers, etc. have their own inverters built in, but make sure.

Yes – we will have those available. DO NOT purchase them in the USA – the stuff sold here as “universal” does not work in Africa!!

Bottled water will be available everywhere. Most camps are supplied by borehole - the water will be fine to use!!

We cannot guarantee that wifi will be available everywhere – you are going to be in the bush!!! Your guide will be able to assist you.

No visa is required by USA citizens for entry into Namibia. You will need only your passport.

At the Immigration desk when entering the countries, you will be required to hand in a completed Arrival form. Most of the questions are straight forward, but they will want to know where you will be staying while in the country. Use the following address:

For Namibia:
African Days, 507 Voortrekker Road, Okahandja, Namibia

For South Africa:
African Oaks Guesthouse, 17 Martinson Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The same

Combining African Days trips is entirely possible, with certain conditions applying. Talk to African Days and let them tailor make your trip for you!!

The area where there are Ebola problems is over 3 000 miles away from where your trip will take place. Your chances of being exposes are virtually nil.

Several!! Mainly - pack light!! On most of our trips laundry service is available and we will wash and iron your clothes every day. Because of this, three changes of clothing (in addition to the clothes you are traveling in) will be sufficient.

If you are booking an Adventure or Safari trip - pack an extra change of clothing. Because you are moving from place to place, daily laundry service becomes difficult.

Always pack a couple of changes of underclothes extra - you never know when a lion might scare you into having an accident!!!

Cross pack!! In other words, if you are travelling in a group - everybody pack half their clothes in everybody else’s suitcase. In that way, if one suitcase goes missing, nobody is left with no clothing!!

NEVER pack any valuables in your check luggage - to avoid theft at the airports. Pack all valuables (camera’s, binoculars, etc.) in your carry on luggage. Also have at least one change of underclothes in your carry on.

On Adventure and Safari trips, recharging batteries is difficult - so invest in some extra batteries or a backup charger.


Make very, very sure you have a pair of good boots!! Make sure they are well broken in before the trip.

Pack a waterproof bag for your electronic equipment.

Pack some extra underclothes - there won’t be much opportunity to do laundry.


The time we rise each morning will be discussed the evening before and will greatly depend on what we will be after that day. Whatever the time decided on, we will wake you with a cup of steaming hot coffee! Breakfast is per your preference: Breakfast cereals and/or bacon, sausage and eggs. Fruit juice, coffee or tea, just as you prefer. The evening meal is our main meal for the day. We will sit around the bar and fire (engaging in the day’s bragging session) until the cook gives us a dirty look. Evening meals are accompanied by a range of great South African wines. Pieter Stofberg grew up in the wine producing Western Cape in South Africa and still has many friends down there. After dinner, a few cocktails around the fire tends to end the day on a high note.

Our fishing taxidermist has molds for most of the species we will be fishing for, in various weights and sizes. It becomes pretty easy to order a trophy mount from him for whatever it is you want to display. Costs for this (taxidermy work and shipping) will be for your account.

No – come as you are! We will supply all gear, bait, etc. that might be needed.

We have several species of edible fish, as well as several species of shark. Access our Specie Info page for more detailed information on each specie. Mainly, come prepared for some SERIOUS fun!

We make very sure that everybody enjoy themselves. Shopping trips are available. Short, local sightseeing trips can be arranged. We also have a full menu of sightseeing excursions around Namibia available through our touring company.

Golf & Wine

Yes - although it might be cheaper to simply pay for extra luggage. If you do decide to ship beforehand, talk to your African Days representative re where to have it delivered in South Africa.

Most of the Pro Shops at the courses we will be visiting have rental equipment, but African Days cannot guarantee that equipment will be available on a particular day.

There are dozens of courses available within an hour or so driving. If particular course is unavailable we will try to find a course where we can play. If play is impossible, the day will not be wasted - your guide will quickly discuss an alternative schedule for that day with you and make sure that it is not a “lost” day!!

During our booking process, your African Days representative will discuss this with you. Any special requests will be accommodated if at all possible. We will also provide background information on each course we plan on visiting.


Because we do not do bus tours and never mix groups, all our vehicles are smaller, air conditioned mini vans or 4x4 Land Rovers - fully equipped and comfortable.